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We Specialise in supplying High Quality Outdoor Banners and Flags at Low Prices

All our printing is done using UV Resistant Inks on durable long life storm master fabric.
The Hardware such as Flexitech Poles, Bases, Bags and Mounts are manufactured to the highest quality.
All equipment comes with a 2 year guaranteed.

We can produce any quantity you require. From 1 or 500 prints. This includes unlimited design changes.
Production and finishing is first class with triple stitching and hot knife trimming for greater durability.
Double sided or single sided printed flags are available to suit your needs and budget.

Fast production times and regular overnight shipping comes with low freight costs.
Our specialist graphics arts and design team can help with creating print ready artwork.

Timing is critical. We will ensure you get what you need, where you need it, on time.

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Different Base Stand Styles to Suit All Types and Sizes of Poles :

Flat Cross Base

Ground Spike

Multi Surface Base

Car Tyre Base

Wall Mount Base

Heavy Metal Base

Water/Sand Bag

Poles & Bag

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All Styles of Banners and Flags - High Quality & Low Prices. 4.1 stars, based on 177 reviews


Printsmart display systems offer a comprehensive range of display systems to have you standing out from the crowd


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Printsmart display system offers a comprehensive range of display systems.

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Cross foot Base

The cross foot base is a good design for both outdoor and indoor fabric flying displays signs.

It is relatively light weight but has a good wide foot print to support the different height poles. The stand legs fold back under each other so that they pack away easily into the carry bag making transport simple.

A water weight bag can be placed over the top of the base if you are in windy conditions.

Star Cross base

The star cross base is a good solid base that has a wide footprint and is designed to be a sturdy platform for all styles and in particular the flying Bow or beach flags. It spreads the legs out in 4 directions to give good stability. The pole just slides directly onto the vertical riser. A water bag can also be placed over the top.

Ground spike

The ground spike is very widely used for any type of grassy, sand, dirt or soil surface.

The spike is driven into the ground with a mallet or hammer and provides a very straight and sturdy base for the flying streamer of fabric that is showing your product or services. It is very durable, light weight and easily carried in the transport bag.

Wall Mount bracket

The wall mount bracket is a good option for displaying the displays on the side of a building or a street pole. It if a permanent fixture with screws securing it to the main surface. There are two angles of the wall mount brackets available, the straight vertical and the 30 degrees style that has the pole leaning out away from the wall.

Multi-Surface water tank weightable base

This multi-surface base is a new addition to the range and can be used in any location on any surface.

The hard moulded plastic base can be used empty or weighted down with water or sand. The base looks very good and will present well either indoors or outdoors. All your flying displays will look good and will be sturdy and well supported in any weather conditions. The beauty of this type of base is that it can replace the need for using different bases for different surfaces.

There is a nice moulded carry handle that is at the side of the base making it very easy to carry even when it is weighted with water or sand.

The cost of the base is also reasonable and compares well with having to buy two separate bases.

Flying Pole styles and technology

The flexi-tech poles used with all our outdoor fabric displays are tested for strength and wind resistance.There are specifically engineered for durability and long life use. Part fibreglass and part aluminium the combination make for super strong but lightweight poles. The poles join together to make the 7 or 8 different sizes available.

From the smallest 1.5 metre pole to the very large high visibility 5.5 metre poles. They will last for years if they are well maintained.

Carry Bags

The canvas, zip edge carry bags are designed with special pockets inside for the poles and the base. They are very strong and well made and will be ideal for taking to and from events.

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