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Feather Banners

Feather Banners

  • High Quality, Expertly Finished Banners & Flags at LOW PRICES!
  • ON TIME – Fast & Efficient Production
  • Long Life, Durable Storm Master Fabric Flags with Hi Resolution Printing
  • Single & Double Sided Prints Available.
  • Large Range of Sizes, Styles and Bases. Super Strong Poles.

Make a statement with a high quality Feather Banners

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High Quality Feather Banners and Feather Flags at Low prices in Australia

Are you looking for High Quality, Expertly Finished Feather Banners and Flags at low prices ?

Our outdoor Feather Banners and Flags really create a big impact and constantly draw attention to your product or services. They can be set up in any environment using a variety of different bases or fixings. Our new multi surface base is ideal.

With High quality dye sublimation printing in full colour, you will get great images and sharp text lines.

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Our printing is done on durable, long lasting storm flag material. All our poles and bases are designed for long life use and guaranteed for 2 years.

The shape of the streamers is very effective. The longer , narrower length is ideal for certain logos and text statements. Our signages and streamers are portable , easy to set up and always ensures good visibility.

Most clients choose True Double Sided Printing on long life Storm-cloth Flag Material . This means your logo , image or message are clearly seen from any direction, doubling your visibility. You will be surprised how cheap this option is.

We can help with the design to ensure the Flag and Streamers are the best way to present your logo, details or photos so they stand out and grab your prospects attention.

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Our Base Options:

We offer a large variety of different base options : Multi-Surface Base, Cross Foot Base, Star Base, Ground Spike, Tyre wheel base , Wall Bracket Mount : We have a base for every type of ground surfaces and locations possible.

Call us today on 1300 556 589 to discuss which Banner Size and Hardware best suits you.

Flat Cross Base

Ground Spike

Multi Surface Base

Car Tyre Base

Wall Mount Base

Heavy Metal Base

Water/Sand Bag

Poles & Bag

Buy Custom Feather Banners in Australia

Textile banners can be taken outside or used inside — perfect for sporting events, hospitality businesses, or the good old Aussie car show. Buy a set today to create a branded display that’ll set you apart — eye-catching and cool, these fluttering flags will put the fun back into your promotional marketing.

Our banners are perfect for outdoor usage as they are durable in windy weather, but also aren’t reliant on wind in order to stand up straight and display your message effectively. Use them outside at windier locations, or use them to brighten up indoor spaces at events like tradeshows and conferences.

Custom flags are a great way to show some personality and create a sense of excitement around your brand. Not sure what’s needed? Don’t worry! We are passionate about small business branding and will help you design a flag that genuinely suits your business. We will help you come up with a design that’s right for your brand and will appeal to your customers, whether you prefer to keep things simple, or shoot for a more ambitious design project. (Haven’t got a huge budget? Not to worry: banners are a surprisingly cheap when compared with other promotional options).

We are proud to say that all our banners are custom-made, and delivered Australia wide. Our generous 2-year guarantees and excellent local customer team make this a risk-free purchase for you: let your business shine with quality branding.

What make our feather banners special ?

Choose us for high-impact advertising that doesn’t cost the Earth and opt for a fluttering flag with generous ad space: plenty of room for eye-catching & unique graphics. Our printing is done on durable, long-lasting canvas material, and all our poles and bases are designed for long-term use.


  • Great ‘flutter’ effect in the wind adds drama and interest, and it stays upright — no matter the weather
  • True double-sided printing or single-sided printing — a single-sided print finish has a ‘mirror’ effect, whilst a true double-sided print allows for a sturdy, fully rotational flag
  • Design services available — design your own custom graphics
  • Simple to set up and perfect for carrying to and from events and venues

Our banners come in a range of sizes so that you can choose one that works for you. A large one will make for an impressive ‘forecourt flag’, whereas a smaller one may be more suited for being set out on the pavement outside a shop. Simply roll them up at the end of the day and store for immediate re-use: it’s as simple as that.

Our flags all come with high-quality aluminium poles that allow for fast assembly, so that you can easily take your business marketing on the road with you to events and fairs. We also sell full kits which include poles, bases, and a handy carrier bag (all our bases are changeable and replaceable). We can advise you on what type of base is best for you— you don’t want your flag blowing over in the wind!

Why choose these banners for your business ?

Feather banners (also known as flutter, sail, swooper, or Bali flags) are an extremely effective way of advertising your business, both outdoors and indoors. They make for great temporary markers at events, as well as more permanent branded displays. Feather flags offer a nice contrast to the more traditional rectangular flags or the curved teardrop banners (which have a more compact fit).

A stylish flying banner is a great way to make a big impression on people — much better than an old static sign that will need constant cleaning and replacing. Banners are also moveable, so they are perfect for outdoor advertising which can be last-minute or highly modular. They withstand windy conditions, neither breaking nor bending in Australia’s blustery weather. These flags are perfect for the beach thanks to their attractive flutter — just make sure that you purchase the correct base so that they stand upright on the beach. (A ground stake might be a good option for soft beach sand). For indoor displays, feather flags will definitely set you apart from the competition, brightening up your stand at a tradeshow or exhibition.

Their long vertical shape is ideal for fitting in your company branding in the shape of a custom graphic and a promotional message. Play around with different ideas and messaging until you find something that’s both striking and clear.

Tired of old business signage that looks weather-beaten and tatty? Mix it up with flags instead! All our products come with a two-year guarantee so that you can keep re-using them at events, and all our graphics are easily replaceable — keep the same pole and frame, and just update the material.

Custom prints: let your creativity shine

Design your own corporate flag, complete with company branding and colours. Our digital printing method gives a long-lasting print result — the graphics are actually woven into the fabric, rather than being superimposed on top. The way that the material is pulled against the frame allows you to show off your branding very effectively.

Don’t confuse your flag design with too many competing colours — you want to stay close to your brand colours and seek colour harmony. Think carefully about your target market — you want to reach more customers and awaken their curiosity, not overwhelm them with a confusing and loud design.

In terms of printing, you have two options. All our flags rotate 360 degrees, and if you go for one-sided printing then you will have a mirror image on one side, with a slightly transparent effect that lets the light through. A double-sided digital print means that you get two distinct surfaces as we insert a dark separator in-between. (We recommend you go double-sided so that your branding is always visible to people passing by).

Get in touch to see what you can achieve for your business with our products.

How to use promotional banners for your business?

They are are a brilliant way to guide people around your business premises, or liven up a local event. These flags are very quick to set up — use them to transform a space in minutes, or set them outside your business permanently.

They can be used in a cluster or on their own — depends on the effect you want to create. A single large flag can make a big impression on people passing by on foot or in their cars, whereas a cluster of smaller or medium ones can make a nice walkway through a retail forecourt, or show people where to walk at a large event. All our products come in a range of sizes and sets to suit different budgets — just speak to one of the team who can take you through all the different options.

Businesses that need to grab people’s attention fast often opt for flag advertising — real estate agents, food retailers, and car dealerships being just some of our regular customers. We help Aussie businesses stand out against the competition.

Our bases and poles are all sold separately — we will help you find the right bundle for your needs. We stock both hard ground and soft ground kits so that you’re prepared for any event or eventuality.


What can I use my feather flags for?
They can either be used for display at important events, or placed outside your business or shop to lure new customers in. They would also be the perfect way to announce a grand opening, the start of the summer sales, or guide people around a large outdoor or indoor space. They are very versatile, so be creative with how you use them!

What’s the difference between a feather and a teardrop flag?
Both are excellent ways of promoting your business, and they both come in standard sizes — the main difference is their shape (teardrop vs. feather). The print area for both is pretty good, but the feather flag has a slightly more generous print area. A feather flag will also flutter more in the wind, making it a visually impressive sign.

Do I need double-sided printing? What difference will it make?
Because feather flags are so great in windy climates, we definitely recommend having them printed double-sided so that your message will be visible no matter what angle people are looking from. One-sided printed is good too though — you get a nice mirror image which can also be very effective.

How long will my feather banner last?
Banners tend last a few years, depending on how much they are in use. We don’t recommend leaving your feather banner in high winds and rain for extended periods of time, though the banners are durable and do withstand regular outdoor use. Washing your banner regularly is a great way to keep it fresh — just put it in the washing machine.